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And while the music may tend toward the sort of ’80s rock your meathead younger brother may have stashed on his iPod, at least you are not picking at your hearts of palm salad to the beat of hotel-lobby electronica.
LA Times Food Critic (and our very first official podcast guest) Jonathan Gold on Wolfgang Puck’s “Spago”
Three weeks ago, Mr. Puck unveiled an entirely reinvented Spago Beverly Hills, with a décor he describes as “edgy,” a soundtrack of Arcade Fire and Spoon, and a menu sprinkled with adventurous small-plate offerings that have some of his bluer-hair customers wincing.
Edgy indeed! 

Dessert Island Discs: Wolfgang Puck Likes Classic Rock, Mozart, and B.E.P.

Welcome to “Dessert Island Discs”, a new FitnR feature which has us asking chefs about the music in their restaurants and on their iPods.  This week it’s Chef Wolfgang Puck. 

On any given night, song (or album) we’re likely to hear playing in your restaurant?

WP: Anything from Pink Floyd, especially ‘The Wall.’

What about song (or album) we’d hear playing in your restaurant’s kitchen?

WP: In the kitchen, we have no music whatsoever. We have to concentrate on cooking.

First love? Food or Music…

WP: I obviously love food, especially sweets. I still remember when I was little, my mother used to make Kaiserschmarrn or Palatschinken for me. At that time, music came on the radio, and every Saturday night, I’d listen to the Top 40 in Austria.

Musician you’d most like to cook for (alive or dead) and what would you serve them?

WP: A lot of musicians come to our restaurants, especially CUT, from Elton John to Jay-Z, but I certainly would love to make a meal for Mozart - and he would make a composition about the dinner I made for him.

5 Albums on Your Desert Island iPod:

  • Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”
  • "Led Zeppelin IV"
  • The Doors “L.A. Woman”
  • Bizet’s “Carmen”
  • The Black Eyed Peas “‘Elephunk”

Photo of Wolfgang Puck and Wiz Khalifa courtesy of Rap-Up

When I cook, I listen to old rock ‘n’ roll, like Elton John and Pink Floyd. But I love Lady Gaga.
Wolfgang Puck talking to Redbook Magazine
I love music-music and food go hand in hand; they both nourish the soul. The soundtracks in my restaurants are just as much of a reflection of my personality as each dish.
Wolfgang Puck talking about his Grammy Awards Menu