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This week’s podcast guest is Fall Out Boy lead singer…


… who lost a lot of weight during the band’s last hiatus. But don’t let his new figure fool you, the dude loves to eat. He tells Zach what it was like to grow up eating all the great ethnic food in Chicago and admits to being an on again, off again vegetarian. Patrick also tells us about Taylor Swift’s catering, and a great story involving his favorite scotch and an Optimus Prime action figure.

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Jose Garces is This Week’s Guest on Food is the New Rock

This week’s guest on the podcast… A FREAKIN’ IRON CHEF.  

And we did it all from the comfort of his hotel room (ooh la la!)  Hear Jose Garces talk about El Vez (The Mexican Elvis!!!), food as an art form, and his new cookbook “The Latin Road Home”.  Plus hear him explain away all the Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift on his iPod by blaming it on his two kids. 

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RS Guide to Eating Nashville (via Jack White, KOL and more)

The latest issue of Rolling Stone (Best of Rock 2011) crowns Nashville, TN the best music scene in the country and part of it is the restaurants:

There are plenty of amazing cheap eats in town: [Black Keys’ Patrick] Carney suggests the fried avocado tacos at Mas Tacos, while Ke$ha recommends the meat and three platter at Arnold’s - “unless you don’t want to suffer a heart attack”. The Kings [of Leon’s] Nathan Followill swears by “the bison burger with truffle fries” at Burger Up.  Jack White and wife Karen Elson are brunch regulars at Marche; for fine dining, hit City House, a farm to table haunt that serves moonshine and hosts the Kings, Gillian Welch and Mumford & Sons. Taylor Swift prefers a lighter snack: “I love the Blue Chair granola yogurt parfait at Fido.”

Photo of deep fried avocado tacos courtesy of Green Olive Media