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Acts like the Ramones, Black Flag and Minor Threat believed in stripping a song down to its raw essence. Allergic to fussiness and intensely fixated on the purity of fresh fruit and vegetables, Mr. Headley aims to accomplish a similar feat with sweets. He prefers to use the ripe products of nature and get out of their way. Think of his roasted nectarine as an edible version of “I Wanna Be Sedated.”
The NY Times on Born Against drummer turned chef Brooks Headley
Their ambition and cockiness call to mind another five-boroughs group, the Beastie Boys, who strove to merge art, style and commerce without sacrificing street credibility. To Sean MacPherson, whose hotel will showcase Dirty French, both the Beasties and the Carbone team are “conceptualists” who have used rapping or cooking as a way to express something about how it feels to be in New York.
Jeff Gordinier of the New York Times comparing the guys behind Torrisi and Carbone to the Beastie Boys.
The change in restaurant culture is something like the shift that overtook popular music after the Beatles. Singing old Cole Porter tunes was out; suddenly every kid with a guitar and an amplifier was supposed to have the songwriting chops of Lennon and McCartney combined.
Pete Wells in his New York Times Review of Rotisserie Georgette
Mr. Carmellini is what successful chefs in New York used to be like before they became rock stars. Think of him as George Martin among the Beatles, elegantly expressing his vision from behind the scenes.
Three weeks ago, Mr. Puck unveiled an entirely reinvented Spago Beverly Hills, with a décor he describes as “edgy,” a soundtrack of Arcade Fire and Spoon, and a menu sprinkled with adventurous small-plate offerings that have some of his bluer-hair customers wincing.
Edgy indeed! 

What Does Kanye Serve Aboard His Private Jet?

  • New York Times: Kanye West flew you to Vegas in a private jet. What’s it like?
  • Skrillex: It was big, and it was fancy, and it had really hot stewardesses serving food, and his entourage was basically similar to mine, a bunch of guys on laptops working nonstop all the time, and so was he. He works hard, too, man.
  • New York Times: You get something better than a cold sandwich on Air Kanye?
  • Skrillex: They brought out a lot of, like, decadent desserts and definitely really fancy-looking stuff, sushi and tempura and filet mignon, if you wanted.
Mr. Bowien does to Chinese food what Led Zeppelin did to the blues. His cooking both pays respectful homage to its inspiration and takes wild, flagrant liberties with it. He grabs hold of tradition and runs at it with abandon, hitting the accents hard, going heavy on the funk and causing all kinds of delicious havoc.
Pete Wells in his 2 Star New York Times Review of Mission Chinese 

Diner's Journal: Fruit of a Fan: An Allman Brothers Dinner

The Atlanta chef Ron Eyester plans a dinner Thursday to mark the 20th anniversary of the band’s album “Eat a Peach.”

Inside the kitchen of NOMAD, a restaurant whose identity was molded around the Rolling Stones.  They got 3 stars from the New York Times today.

Inside the kitchen of NOMAD, a restaurant whose identity was molded around the Rolling Stones.  They got 3 stars from the New York Times today.

Nothing I tasted at Hakkasan was unpleasant, but when the check easily surpassed $100 a person, it was hard not to feel cheated. It was like buying scalped tickets to see Anna Netrebko at the Met and then finding out that she would be performing the Katy Perry songbook.
NYT Food Critic Pete Wells