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This week’s podcast was recorded live on stage at


… at Ravinia w/ Chef Wylie Dufresne, Food Network star Jeff Mauro, Josh Kaufman (winner of Season 6 of The Voice), Chris Carrabba (from Dashboard Confessional and Twin Forks) and Lori Majewski (author of Mad World: An Oral History of the New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s.) We talk more Grateful Dead and Lou Reed w/ Wylie, hear about Jeff’s first concert, find out what Josh feeds his kids, and hear about the kind of food Chris grew up eating. And then, towards the end, the discussion turned into vegetarians vs. the meat eaters as we discussed the politics of food and the idea of food as art. Can you guys who was on which side?

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Music lineup is fine, but this is the lineup we wait for. @grahamelliot @lollapalooza #chowtown

Music lineup is fine, but this is the lineup we wait for. @grahamelliot @lollapalooza #chowtown

Steak. Sinatra. Bourbon. Poker. Achatz

Best NEXT Restaurant video yet. 

Here’s one the music videos Grant Achatz’s NEXT Restaurant made for their ever changing menu.  He tells us all about it on this week’s episode of the podcast.  

Your guide to Lollapalooza Eats 2013

The perfect soundtrack to reading about what you’re going to eat this weekend at Lollapalooza?  Our podcast with Graham Elliot.  

Rick Bayless on Making Mix Tapes, His Brother Skip, and Jimmy Buffet

Things we learned about famed Chicago Chef Rick Bayless on the Food is the New Rock podcast this week…

  • He learned how to speak Portuguese at the age of 15, just so he could understand the lyrics on his bossa nova records
  • His brother Skip Bayless (of ESPN fame) knows as little about food as he knows about sports
  • It’s not a good dinner unless the music mix has people chair dancing
  • He got super excited when Jimmy Buffet came into the restaurant, only to be disappointed when the Mayor of Margaritaville ordered wine.

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Podcast #15 is Out w/ Patrick Hallahan from My Morning Jacket

This week’s podcast is now up and our guest is the drummer from one of my all time favorite bands… Patrick Hallahan from My Morning Jacket.  After months of research he reveals his pick for Best Sandwich in America, plus his favorite places to eat in Chicago, the Carolinas, and Louisville.  We also get him to tell us about Jim James’ childhood obsession with Little Debbie snack cakes, and how it has grown into an adult obsession with creme brulee.  Plus he tells us how a lobster roll was responsible for the only MMJ gig he’s ever missed, his grandmother’s secret to cooking scrambled eggs, and which bands he likes eating with on tour.

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