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Rick Bayless on Making Mix Tapes, His Brother Skip, and Jimmy Buffet

Things we learned about famed Chicago Chef Rick Bayless on the Food is the New Rock podcast this week…

  • He learned how to speak Portuguese at the age of 15, just so he could understand the lyrics on his bossa nova records
  • His brother Skip Bayless (of ESPN fame) knows as little about food as he knows about sports
  • It’s not a good dinner unless the music mix has people chair dancing
  • He got super excited when Jimmy Buffet came into the restaurant, only to be disappointed when the Mayor of Margaritaville ordered wine.

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This Week’s Gourmet Live is Dedicated to Food and Music

Food-loving musicians aren’t a new phenomenon. Get the inside scoop on tour diets for the likes of Andy Ross of OK Go, Sharon Van Etten, Jimmy Buffett, and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). You might be surprised that what they’re eating and drinking aren’t so rock ‘n roll. And while you’re at it, get to know Ozomatli. This Grammy-winning group has the honor of being official Cultural Ambassadors for the U.S. State Department. That alone gives these food-obsessed musicians ample opportunities to taste foods in countries that most people will never get to visit: Cuba, Mongolia, Jordan, and Vietnam—just to name a few. They seem to eat pretty well when they’re back home in Los Angeles; that their fans include chefs José Andrés and Susan Feniger certainly doesn’t hurt, either!