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Zach and guest co-host Jeff Miller (from Thrilllist) caught up with the band when they were in Los Angeles to talk food and a little bit of sports (apparently Chef David Chang is in Stephen’s fantasy basketball and baseballs leagues.) It also turns out Keyboardist Mike Clark used to own a restaurant in Portland, and Joanna tells us what it’s like to be the token vegetarian in the band. Mark Ibold from Pavement also comes up in conversation, and Stephen tells us one of the best tidbits we’ve ever heard about Pok Pok chef (and former podcast guest) Andy Ricker before completely proving our thesis in the last 30 seconds of the podcast. 

Download the episode for free on iTunes or by putting our RSS FEED into a player of your choice.  Or if you’re too lazy for all of that, you can stream the episode below…

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